How To Create A Game Room In The2101Game Mobile App’s Multi Player Mode


thematrix-121.  Login to


Mobile App’s

Multi Player Mode

aka “TheMatrix”

thematrix-102.  Click the PLUS icon

at the bottom of the

Game Lobby screen

thematrix-173.  A “Create Room” window will appear with the default name of the game room being created. The default room name can be changed to any desired name up to 24 characters long

thematrix-224.  Click CREATE

thematrix-245.  Once the game room has been created, the host player will be automatically placed into the newly created game room.

thematrix-066.  Once in the game room, the host player will have the option to change the game room settings by clicking on the options button at the bottom of the Game Room screen.

thematrix-18Note.  The host player has the option to

set or adjust the Table Bet & Minimum Chip

requirements for the game room.